Phase I: $25,000

Phase II: $120,000

Phase III: $110,000

Based on the Phase I criteria, the judging panel will select Phase I winners. The judging panel will select up to five (5) monetary prize winners and additional non-monetary honorable mention award winners. The $25,000 Phase I prize purse will be distributed evenly among each of the monetary prize winners. Phase I monetary prize winners will be required to enter Phase II of the competition. Non-monetary honorable mention award winners will be invited to participate in Phase II, but participation is not required.

Monetary prizes awarded under Phase I will be paid to the team lead as designated on the submission form directly by Luminary Labs through electronic funds transfer. Phase I monetary prize winners are responsible for any applicable local, state, and federal taxes and reporting that may be required under applicable tax laws.

Please note that Phases II and III will be administered directly through the U.S. Coast Guard and DHS S&T, and are not governed by the Rules, Terms & Conditions provided on this website. The following paragraphs are for informational purposes only and are subject to change. For additional information and details about Phases II and III, please contact directly.

In Phase II, monetary prize winners and participating non-monetary honorable mention award winners will participate in a “Piranha Pool” to pitch their solution and compete for a monetary prize of $120,000. This monetary prize will assist with the development of each concept into a working prototype. Phase II participants may be offered non-monetary benefits to assist with prototype development.

In Phase III, the Coast Guard will field test prototypes alongside standard USCG approved safety equipment. At the conclusion of Phase III, the judging panel will award a total $110,000 in monetary prizes among the top five winners. A limited number of new contestants may be invited to participate in Phase III.