The panel of judges will evaluate Phase I submissions using the following selection criteria. These criteria will be used to select Phase I winners, including up to five (5) monetary prize winners and additional non-monetary, honorable mention award winners.

  1. Effectiveness. Extent to which the solution demonstrates potential to improve detectability of people in the water by existing Coast Guard detection methods during search and rescue missions.
  2. Accessibility. Potential for a broad set of boaters to purchase the solution. Does not require extensive companion purchases and is cost-effective from the consumer perspective.
  3. User Experience. Likelihood that the targeted market for the solution would use the solution while boating. Extent to which the solution addresses common barriers to use that limit existing solutions, such as comfort, style, convenience, or ease of use.
  4. Feasibility. Extent to which the proposed solution is viable, can be reasonably developed into a prototype for additional testing alongside USCG assets in Phase II and III by August 1, 2019, and has the potential to be manufactured at scale.
  5. Entrant Potential. Extent to which the entrant or entrant team demonstrates the appropriate level of experience, commitment, and ability to move from concept to prototype.

For additional information on the process for selection, please see the official Rules, Terms & Conditions here.